Bringing an ancient and sacred tradition into everyday life as a path to healing and Self-realization. Offerings include public yoga classes, private sessions, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training programs in various states. 


Growing up around her father’s painting and 3-dimensional art, the passion for visual art was sparked at an early age, and evolved into formal academic studies at UT of Austin. Today Mary loves to simply create… practical everyday pieces such as mosaicked countertops to large-scale contemporary oil paintings. 


Malas are a string of beads traditionally used for prayer or meditation. These custom malas are infused with intention, as every detail  is considered, from the arrangement of hand knotted beads to painted pendant image.



"Rarely these days do you find a Yoga teacher with such depth, authenticity, and charm as Mary Renee. Listen to what she says, it will change your life."

Steven Ross

Owner of Eastside Yoga

"Mary and her classes are pure magic. She takes you to a place of security and hope, and then sets you up to explore yourself further even after you leave class. She's given me so many tools to add to my tool belt of life, and I will forever feel grateful for the power she has given me. She creates a community for people to find a place of acceptance and belonging. I never fail to leave class without thinking, 'This was the best part of my day..' "

Michelle Winkley

Yoga Student

"Austinites are fortunate to have Mary for a yoga instructor. I have been blessed to be a recipient of her ever evolving teaching skills. As an older yogi, it is especially nice to go to a class where all ages and levels are welcome. I always leave feeling better than when I began - physically, mentally, and emotionally!"

Jacque Stoddart

Yoga Student

"I’ve been taking Mary’s Vinyasa classes for several years now and each time I renew my class pass, I realize the true value of a consistent yoga class. In Mary’s class, she challenges me to work and focus to get the greatest benefit of the practice. I’ve become much stronger and with a healthier body attitude have lost over 40 pounds. Other benefits which have developed include increased self-confidence and emotional frequency level. I would highly recommend Mary Richardson’s Yoga Class and Private Lessons because of her extensive knowledge and training in the field of yoga, and the great benefits I have come to realize during my practice under her tutelage."

Cecily Cano

Yoga Student


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